ZUZU EXPRESS is a company based in Romania, which transports dogs and cats, rescued from the street, mainly from Romania and Bulgaria, to their adopters in the European Union.
We are TRACES registered and our vans are approved for long distance transport of live animals.
ZUZU EXPRESS benefits from the service of a carer, an experienced person, who travels in the back with the animals at all times. Your pets are never alone, they are supervised 24 hours, until they arrive to the destination.
The well being and safety of the animals we transport is the most important thing for us and we are recognised for our security and punctuality during the travel.
We do believe that a pet is just as important as any family member and we treat them with the same care and respect as we have for every form of life on this planet.
Your pets will travel in the best possible conditions!


Each dog and cat is assigned a cage, according to their needs and sizes. They can stay alone in the cage or they can share, as the client prefers. 24 hours before the transport, we announce the schedule and you will be added in a transport chat, so you are not sitting at home wondering when we will arrive. Pictures of each animal are provided upon loading them into the van and also from the road. If we see any sign of distress, strange behaviour or sickness on your animals, you will be called immediatly.


We take care of all the details. What we require from you is your pets and their valid passports. That's it! We handle the paperwork regarding their departure, meaning the traces documents. The animals are supervised non stop thru the entire duration of their journey by a specialized person, who is travelling in the back with them, attending their every need.
We provide clean, build in cages, with non slippery floors and soft vetbeds in each cage, to make the journey more comfortable for your pet. Each cage has water and food bowls, soft absorband bedding. Cats have access to clean litter boxes inside their crate.

We provide the dry and wet food thru the duration of the journey. We normally feed twice a day, unless your pet has special needs (if your pet requires a special diet, you must bring it with you to the transport).
The water is at disposal 24 hours, the carer travelling in the back with the animals is making sure that the water bowls never go empty. Medications can be administered if needed, and we have on-board refrigeration.
Each van has an auxiliary air conditioner machine in the back, which distributes the air evenly thru the entire van, which allow us to keep a nice, cool temperature in the summer and also a Webasto heater, to keep warm during the winter.

Our vans

Our vans are authorized for long distance transport for dogs and cats. These are professionally disinfected after each transport and each cage is also manually and carefully cleaned and desinfected. The vans are meticulously maintained each month and are equiped with air conditioner and heater, so that there is a nice, controlled temperature inside no matter the season.

On the road, the vans never stop, the 2 drivers change every 4-6 hours. This way when one of them is driving, the other one is sleeping or resting. The vans are modified, so that it has 2 chairs in front (for the drivers) and one in the back (for the carer). The chairs can easly transform into horizontal beds.

Our crates

The crates we use are built in the van, with materials that can easily be cleaned and even though they are intensely used, they mentain their structure and integrity. Each crate is equipped with 2 bowls, for food and water.

Each crate has 4 layers of bedding, making it very soft and comfortable for the dogs and cats to lay on:
1. The first layer is a non slippery, plastic material.
2. The second layer is an absorbant.
3. The third layer is a thick vet bed, which allows liquid to pass thru it and to go into the absorbant underneath. It does not stay wet and it allows the animal to be clean and dry the entire journey.
4. The forth layer is also an absorbant, keeping the cage even more clean and allowing the carer to move fast and efficiently whenever a dog pees or poops.

The animals canceled 5 days prior to the transport will be subject to a fee of 65 euro/ dog and 45 euro/cat

For the animals canceled 4 days or less prior to the transport will be charged in full price.