The Team

by Zuzu Express
CEO & Animal Rescuer
Dana is an animal rescuer since as long as she can remember. She started the first international transport company for pets from Romania to the European Union and then, in 2016, having this experience she started Zuzu on her own. The transport company was founded to support her rescue work.
Carer & Animal Rescuer
Miki is one of the most experienced carers. She is also an animal rescuer and she worked on different projects over the years, with animals and children with disabilities and elderly people. Her experience with animals is priceless and your pets are in the best hands possible.
With 13 years experience in animal transports, Mircea is a person you can always count on. He is a team player and a nice person to be around on the road.
Catalin is the youngest member of the team, but well experienced, working for animals transports for many years. He’s a fun person to be around and a very good driver.
Vali is an experienced and good driver and also an animal lover, helping us everytime we need an extra set of hands.