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We provide transport for dogs and cats from Romania and Bulgaria, to their adoptive families in the European Union.
Each dog and cat is assigned a cage, according to their needs and sizes. They can stay alone in the cage or they can share, as the client prefers... read more

We Provide

We take care of all the details. What we require from you is your pets and their valid passports. That's it!
We handle the paperwork regarding their departure, meaning the traces documents.
The animals are supervised non stop thru the entire duration of their... read more

Our Vans

Our vans are authorized for long distance transport for dogs and cats.
These are professionally disinfected after each transport and each cage is also manually and carefully cleaned and desinfected.The vans are meticulously maintained each month... read more


 Europas Pfoten e.V. - Germany
ZUZU has already been our transporter of choice since 2016. From route planning, to communication, to the wellbeing of each and every animal until arrival, we feel... read more
Europas Pfoten e.V. - Germany
Rescue Association Hobo Dogs - Finland
We can truly recommend this team of professionals. All transportation matters and are handled precisely and with good customer service. Zuzu's team is always on time... read more
Rescue Association Hobo Dogs - Finland
Pan-Protect Animals in Need e. V. – Germany
Zuzu Express is for us the best transport we have ever had. We really appreciate the individuality with which the dogs and cats are cared for during transport. The preparations before... read more
Pan-Protect Animals in Need e. V. – Germany

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For reservations, please contact us on email or send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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Traces Authorized Transport

We are authorized and registered in the traces system and we will take care of all the paperwork for you.