by dana
Zuzu Express is for us the best transport we have ever had. We really appreciate the individuality with which the dogs and cats are cared for during transport. The preparations before the transport are also going smoothly. As everyone who works with animals knows, situations can always arise that have to be solved spontaneously. Here it is always acted promptly and calmly and there is a solution to every problem. Empathy and love for animals is very important here and they really do love it.
Pan-Protect Animals in Need e. V. – Germany
Zuzu has already been our transporter of choice since 2016. From route planning, to communication, to the wellbeing of each and every animal until arrival, we feel our animals are in the best hands. The vans are always manned by three people, so in addition to two drivers, there is always an accompanying person for and with the animals. And you can feel this in the animals on arrival. There is no smell from the van and the animals are, despite the journey, very relaxed. But the transport does not end with the journey alone, the staff brings each individual animal in a box or fully dressed with our safety harness into the respective vehicles, which then take over the animal. A transport with a lot of love for every single animal soul. For us, this is the only right decision: Zuzu Express Transport. Thanks a lot for this job!
Europas Pfoten e.V. - Germany
We can truly recommend this team of professionals. All transportation matters and are handled precisely and with good customer service. Zuzu's team is always on time, during transportation updates are given regularly as per reguest. Making plans for upcoming transports is fast and effective. We are glad to have such cooperation partner as Zuzu Express Transport.
Rescue Hobo Dogs – Finland
Zuzu Transport is reliable, conscientious and loving to the animals. Exceptional service, excellent communication and advice and a very good disposition. The care of the dogs during transport leaves nothing to be desired. The friendliness and competence of the employees always leave a calming feeling. Based on my previous experience, I can recommend Zuzu Transport without reservation.
Vision Hope For Life e.V. - Germany